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MADE IN AMERICA is a funny yet shockingly raw autobiography written and performed by Japanese born artist Teruko Nakajima. She flees her homeland to escape a life filled with physical and emotional abuse. She tries surviving in America by becoming a Dominatrix, salsa dancer, and night club madame. But as the pressures in this new world overwhelm her, Teruko must learn to love herself before her own trauma destroys her.


MADE IN AMERICA is a brutally honest, surprisingly entertaining, and heartbreakingly life-affirming love letter to the human experience. It’s a story for women, Asians, first-generation immigrants, and anyone who is fighting to make their dreams come true.

Teruko’s show shines a necessary light on the tragedies of domestic violence, mental health, child abuse, sexual assault, and suicide. But ultimately provides inspiration to anyone who suffers and needs help.


Her dog Titi performs too.

MADE IN AMERICA received tremendous accolades at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022. Winner: Best Solo Show, Solo Splash Award, Best One Person Show (LA Theatre Bite Award), Pick of the Fringe, The Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award, and Hollywood Fringe Festival Scholarship. MADE IN AMERICA became OFF BROADWAY show at SoHo Playhouse in New York City. MADE IN AMERICA received Critic's Choice ENCORE at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival as well. All 18 rave reviews are available here.





Teruko is an actor, dancer, singer, writer, sculptor and your biggest cheerleader on earth. She will cheer you up until you say ENOUGH:)

Teruko means a shining girl.

Teruko has adopted a baby doggie and now she is a proud single mother. She named her Titi, which means "Tiny Teruko".

Titi started psychiatric service animal training in her early age and has been helping her mother every single day.

Teruko, Titi and Mr. John created Teruko's raw autobiographical solo show,"MADE IN AMERICA". We've got 7 awards so far, and all got to Titi's head.

Teruko and Titi are super proud Upright Citizens Brigade performers! Teruko is on Harold Night, and Titi is on CAGEMATCH!

Early Life:

Teruko was born in a family of artists in Tokyo, Japan. Her mother is a traditional Japanese dancer who gave Teruko the greatest influence. Early in her life, she dreamt of becoming a star and started taking dance, singing and piano lessons at the age of four. Throughout her childhood, Teruko performed in numerous school and community functions and captured audiences everywhere she went with her cuteness and unforgettable voice.


Voice Career:

As the lead vocalist of her high school band, Teruko entered "The Japan Hot Wave", an event sponsored by Coca Cola and won 2nd place out of thousands of entries. With her unique voice, she also works as an announcer, narrator and voice over artist.


Dance Career:

At Aoyama Gakuin in Tokyo, Japan, Teruko was elected "All Star Cheerleader" by the Japan Cheerleading Association and later became a licensed cheerleading instructor. 

Cheerleading taught her to support others and became her lifework. While studying abroad in Havana, Cuba, she fell in love with the Latin style, which motivated her to move to New York to further her studies with Salsa dancing. Teruko's dancing techniques grew at an exponential rate that she first appeared on the famous NBC TV Show "Apollo Amateur Night" with a solo Salsa performance. Shortly after that, Teruko was placed 3rd runner up performing a solo Latin Jazz choreography in the dance competition at "IMTA". She also appeared on the Univision TV show "Objetivo Fama" as a ChaCha choreographer for the contestants. Teruko continued to teach Salsa, ChaCha, Merengue, Rhumba and Samba at various dance studios all over New York including PMTS International, Sandra Cameron Dance Center and Broadway Dance Center (Assistant for Maria Torres). She is also a trained Burlesque dancer and performed on a new film "Free Byrd".


Acting Career:

In 2008, Teruko decided to embark on a new journey into the world of acting. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue this dream. Credits include: East West Players' "Voices from Okinawa", award winning web series "The Unemployment Of Danny London", a feature film of Sundance 2014 official selection "The Girl from Nagasaki", ABC TV show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", MTV TV show "Awkward", CBS Primetime Situation Comedy "The Millers", Netflix Original "Lady Dynamite", "Monster Challenge", Funny Or Die "Teruko Time" and "Teruko's Movie Reviews". Now she is aiming to write more of her originals, SitComs and also RomComs so she can kiss a lot of handsome gentlemen (wink).

Sculptor Career:

Teruko has a huge passion for male butts, especially MLB players' butts and has been creating numerous butt sculptures. Now she is preparing for her first butt exhibition in the near future.



Teruko never gives up on humanity. She believes in giving back to society. You can ask her anything! She might be able to help, we never know, or just a great chatter! For example; Burlesque, Salsa, Cheerleading, Classical Japanese Performing Arts, Tokyo, Anything Japanese, Japanese Hostess Madame, Gangsta, Dominatrix, Tree Growing, Vegan, Baseball Butts, Comedy, True Crime, Rescue Animals, Marriage, Divorce, Eating Disorders, Fight or Flight Response, Self Hatred, Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Suicide Wards, Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, EMDR, Anti Depressants, Psychotherapy, Memorizing, BFF, Feminism, Squid Game etc. Teruko hearts YOU.


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